Summary of Learning – ECI 834

Embarking on a learning journey is akin to setting sail on a voyage of self-discovery. In my latest video, I delve into the depths of knowledge acquired, the challenges overcome, and the triumphs celebrated throughout this ECI 834 educational expedition, from mastering new skills to unravelling the critical features of blended learning.

Each lesson learned has been a stepping stone towards personal growth and development. Join me as I reflect on the insights gained, the skills honed, and the transformative power of lifelong learning. Together, let us embrace the joy of discovery and embark on a quest for knowledge that knows no bounds.

Special shout out to Lauren Bradshaw!
Thank you, Katia and my coursemates.


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Hello everyone! Here is the final submission of our course prototype, developed by me and Anchal . It has been quite a long journey over the last few months, learning new and innovative technologies. As I was not initially tech-savvy, I encountered several challenges with using different platforms. However, with time, I became more accustomed to them. I occasionally faced issues with logging in and accessing certain features, but eventually, I managed to overcome them with the help of technology.

Initially, Anchal and I struggled to decide the coursework since we are not currently teaching. However, we ultimately decided to create a profile based on the voluntary work we are involved in and we chose English Literacy classes for refugee immigrants.  In my first blog post, I shared my REFLECTION and experience in online learning. I particularly enjoyed using the Learning Management System (LMS) and the LUMI interactive videos, which were new to me and quite fascinating. One of the most valuable aspects of this course was receiving feedback on our course prototype. It was a bit of a game-changer, and I have since made improvements to my course profile.

While this work is not yet complete, it marks the beginning of a long journey in this digital platform.

Here is a link of final submission. Thank you for the wonderful terms.

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This course profile was collaboratively done by me and my peer Jasvinder. Three months ago, we embarked on our journey together, but we lacked any idea of where we were going because neither of us had any teaching  experience with online platforms. In the first blog, I simply posted my REFLECTION about the past experience with the online learning .Then, me and Jasvinder together  created our  ADDIE MODEL as a course profile for refugees literacy classes. After reading various texts by Bates and watching videos, we tried hard to improve my module via CANVAS, and we thoroughly enjoyed creating LUMI videos for my work. One of the most helpful stage in building our course prototypr was getting feedbacks from the peers. It was genuinely helpful as well as  interesting, and after incorporating feedback, we enhanced our course profile. So, here is the final link to our course prototype:


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My Glimpses of knowledge

This course expands the horizon of my learning towards the online learning process. From this entire course, I learned several things that would be beneficial for me in my whole teaching career. Thanks, Katia for effectively organizing the course outline. The overall journey is too exciting for me.

Welcome to my Summary of Learning. Hope, you all enjoying….

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Teagan’s Summary of Learning

Thank you all for a wonderful semester of learning!

Online and blended education were areas I had minimal experience in, prior to this course. I am excited to apply my new learnings from EC& I 834 in my current teaching practice for more authentic tech integration and blended learning options for my students. Here is my Summary of Learning video that I shared in class.

Summary of Learning Video:

Canva slides link (includes links within):

Thanks everyone!

– Teagan

Ramona Alexson: Summary of Learning Video

Hello everyone! Posting my Summary video. I used Canva Pro version to create my slide show and used Screencastify to produce the audio. Learning new tech tools has been the highlight of this ECI834 class. Canvas LMS and Lumi were challenging at first, but with patience and time, I was able to create an online and blended course.

Thank you for all the encouragement this semester! The help from my colleagues was much appreciated, whether it was Zoom class/breakout rooms, blogs, Discord chats or watching your Summary videos. My Masters of TLL will be complete at the end of June. Megwetch and here is my Summary of Learning video!

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Final Blog Post for EC&I 834

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this class. I knew I enjoyed online learning, and I was excited to learn “how to do it right”. I am so happy with all the content we learning this term and I am excited to bring it into action.

My course prototype at the moment is on my wish list for the School of Radiation Therapy. I chose this topic because I believe it is something that should be incorporated into the current curriculum. I used the Canvas LMS, as it is simple, straightforward, and fairly similar to Brightspace which I have experience with. I kept the course design simple. Each week of the course covers one module. Each module has three sections: Didactic material, Extra resources, and Assessments. I am hopeful that this will be incorporated into the RT curriculum. Now that I have the first two modules done, it will be easier to get some buy-in from those who need to be convinced that this is a good thing to do. I am proud of my final course prototype, I feel it is conducive to adult learning while keeping the students engaged.

And well, if it doesn’t become a reality, I still have a new toolbox of skills to bring to my current class that I teach.

I appreciated the way Katia guided us through the process and how it fostered a comprehensive creation process. The ADDIE model, while not the only model available, served as an example of how to use a framework to guide the development of a project through to creation.

The creation was a multistep process using the ADDIE model. The ADDIE template provided by Katia guided the creation of my course profile.

The model puts the course into context by thinking about who the learners are and what are their needs. Creating course objectives from the outset provided direction and helped focus the content and keep the learning content on track. Thinking about the instructional approach then took us to the next step of how is the content going to be delivered.

I felt my course profile in the end was robust and considered all the required elements. Once we had chosen the LMS platform, I felt it was quite straightforward to create the shell and other elements using the course profile.

Once that was done, I appreciated delving into the finer details of online/blended teaching such as community building, interactive content, AI, and accessibility. To be honest I had never considered any of those four elements to any great detail before this class. Sure, I had built in teacher-student interactions as relationship-building strategies, but not with a focus on building a class community. I can see how this approach contributes to class engagement, not only theoretically, but I have seen it in our class, as encouraged by Katia, especially through Discord. I did enjoy the breakout rooms as well, and appreciate the learn by example approach that Katia takes to this class.

While there were some growing pains with learning how to create interactive content, these solidified the lesson in how to create, and the result showed the why. Adding this extra dimension to the course content not only promotes engagement, but it offers yet another way to showcase the course content. The AI content was an eye opener for me and I learned that instructors and content creators can take advantage of these new tools. I also realized it is fruitless to fight against it with the students. Important conversations need to be had at the beginning, laying down my expectations of the use of AI in the classroom, as well as professional integrity and what that means. I wrote about this in this blog post.

Accessibility is important, and in my small classroom, personally, it means addressing the different learning styles and asking the students “What do you need from me to help you learn?”

Having the opportunity to provide and receive feedback is a great way to promote growth. As I said in my blog about feedback, it sparks creativity and improvement.

You can visit my course prototype screencast here. Thanks for watching!

ECI 834 Summary of Learning

Thus concludes the pursuit of my Educational Technology and Media Masters Certificate. Thank you Katia and classmates and best of luck to you on your future endeavors. Special congrats to those who are done their degree! Cheers!