How Learning is Changing

The way that I learn has changed drastically since I was a child.  When I was in elementary and high school and needed to research something, I would walk over to our bookshelf and try to find the information in our Britannica Encyclopedia set.  Once I was in university, the library was still the main … Continue reading How Learning is Changing

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Teaching in a Technological World: Week 4 Blog

I watched the following informative YouTube video which was a TedX talk by Pavan Arora, titled, Knowledge is obsolete, so now what. Arora said that 65% of grade school children will have future jobs/titles that don’t exist today.  The value of knowledge is dropping and current knowledge has an expiration date.  For example, he stated …

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First Nations

Here is the indigenous university building. I remember that I went there once to borrow a book . Honestly, I was scared at the beginning due to hearing some stereotypes about indigenous, but when I went in I faced with many great people. Today while I was driving I saw these tents once more and […]

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