Course Module

Since the start of the school year, I have integrated technology to help me better balance my split classroom. My grade 7 students have been using Google Sites for both math and science, created by my colleagues a couple of years ago. My grade 6 students have also been using Google Sites for both math and science but their sites were created by me. Although I have a good start, I have only managed to stay a couple of lessons ahead of them in planning.

For my course profile, I decided to work on a future math module. I will be focusing on the Shape and Space strand, more specifically SS6.1. Since I have previous experience using Google Sites with my students, I plan to work on making the Google Site more enhanced and engaging. Lumi is a tech tool that I have never used before that allows you to embed questions, polls, etc. into your videos. I will be investigating this tool further and use it to replace the YouTube videos that I am currently using. I think that this tool will help me create more personalized and engaging instructional videos.

Here is an example of my current grade 6 math (Numbers) Google Sites and the link to my course profile.