See you in the future…

I like this better than goodbye.  Chances are, I will see you in the future! I’ve had classes with some of you, so maybe that will happen again, or I will see you at work, or maybe just in the Twitter-verse, but I will see you again!These next cou…

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Welcome to the Wrap Up Show!

Hello ECI834’ers, Well, I wish I could say that blended learning, preparing for blended learning and ensuring that students are getting the most out of  blended learning could be packaged up neat and tidy like the present in the featured image… but let’s be real…NOT! I have enjoyed this course so much as it’s opened… Continue Reading →

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ECI 834 Final Vlog / Blog

It took me a bit to get start my masters, but I finally took the plunge and ended up in ECI 834. I’m I glad I did.  I really enjoyed this class and learned so much.  I’ve had a passion for understanding and infusing technology into my teaching practice for my whole career.  There is so much to discover, reflect upon, create, and deliver.  I have experienced online learning in the past and I enjoyed the experience once again especially connecting weekly with an amazing group o […]

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Reflecting on My Mindset

Well, another course in the books – almost anyways!  To say that I have learned a lot this semester is an understatement.  I think the most important thing I can take away from this course though is my mindset towards blended learning in the classroom.  I have changed the way I view myself as an …

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Week 11 Blog: Are There Limits to What can be Taught Online?

With the advances of technology, all types of online classes are now possible.  In an article titled, “The promises and limits of online higher education,” Xu & Xu (2019) stated, “Several practices can improve the quality of online instruction, including strategic course offering, student counseling, interpersonal interaction… and the professional development of faculty”.  I was …

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