Connection, a Key Element in Learning

Photo by Pxfuel/CC0 What does my current “day in the life” look like in relation to technology, teaching and learning?  I work at the University of Regina as an Instructional Designer.  Our instructional design team normally creates and maintains the online classes offered at the U of R.  During the transition to everyone working from … Continue reading Connection, a Key Element in Learning

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A Day in the Life of Nancy

My typical work day…6:30 am Once I wake up, I am now in the habit of NOT going on my phone right away like I used to. Instead, I head downstairs, and make my coffee and settle in to enjoy it on my couch. I do a scan on Twitter to get caught up the …

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Hello!I recognize many faces from previous courses in our grad studies.  It is nice to see you again and I am grateful to have such a great cohort of students to learn with.If we haven’t met, my name is Nancy Smith.  I decided to take my grad…

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My Summary of Learning

This is it!  The end of EC&I 830!  I cannot believe how fast this course flew by, and I also cannot believe how much I learned over two short months.  It’s amazing the community we developed and how much we were able to challenge each other to grow and learn in such a short time …

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Technology Is Equitable; People Are Not.

This week’s debate had me all over the place.  Thinking of the phrase: “technology is a force of equity in society” has many sides and angles to consider and there is not one straight answer: yes or no.  I found there was a lot of mixed reviews throughout our debate, and many elaborations for our …

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Social Media – An Outlet for Our Children

When I began this week, I stood firmly on the agree side when the question was asked, “Is social media ruining childhood?”  Of course, social media is ruining childhood!  How couldn’t it be?  Why do I not see children gathering outside?  Playing hopscotch?  Skipping?  Shooting hoops?  Riding bikes with their friends?  Using their imagination to …

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Openness In Education Reality Check

This week’s debate really made me think.  I started somewhere in the middle; on one side, sharing is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn important practices, share their accomplishments, and interact with other like-minded people around the globe.  On the other hand, sharing can create a lot of issues with privacy, as well …

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To Google or Not to Google

Should we focus on teaching things that should be googled?  I still stand by my debate team and say a resounding yes!  For our debate, we decided to focus on three key ideas: Critical Thinking Skills Without the Aid of Google Memorization Holds a Key Part in Education and in Life Google is Hindering Our …

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