Week Four of ECI 834

For this week’s entry, I looked at the readings and prompts and was excited to delve into this week’s assignment.  After reading Bates’ Chapter 7: Pedagogical differences between media, I reflected on some of the approaches and tools I use in my own class and how I approach content, content structure, and skills.  I love Three Act Math Plays (click here for a list) and I agree with Dan Meyer’s take on why these are effective (click here to watch his TED Talk).   I apprec […]

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Week 4 Vlog

I am going to attempt something completely new for me and post a ‘vlog’ for this week. I am reviewing Youtube Studio, Screen-castify, and Movavi Video editor. Please bear with me as I had to use a mish-mosh of applications to put it all together! In the end, I couldn’t use the ‘Windows movie maker’ …

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Adobe Spark

I first heard of Adobe Spark last semester, in ECI 833. It was the very end of the semester and I was trying to determine what type of video tool that I would use for my “Summary of Learning” project. I consider myself slightly tech-challenged so feeling overwhelmed, I asked my super helpful classmate for… Read More »

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