Creating Interactive Content with Lumi – 5 Dimensions of Health

Lumi is an interactive tool using H5P technology that allows you to use existing YouTube videos or create your own content to make them more interactive for the learner. This is the first time I have heard or engaged with Lumi and the task was a bit daunting at first, but after reviewing the tutorial Lumi was straightforward and easy to embed the interactive tools. I had a few challenges while creating my Lumi video. One of the challenges was learning how to operate each of the tools offered and how they worked on the platform. Another challenge was the timing, as I had to pause the video at the exact time the speaker stopped speaking or when it moved to another slide. Getting the timing correct was the most time consuming part of creating the interactive video.


For this module, I decided to start with the basic dimensions of health as an introduction to mental wellness. I decided to start here because in the first week of course work we will be investigating and learning about the dimensions of health, as well as the dimensions students need to focus more on or which is lower than others. The first week of lessons will be simplistic in nature to get students used to using the online learning platform. Again, my goal of mental wellness is not to overwhelm and stress out students as that is not helping their own mental wellness.

  • Lesson 1: So what is mental health anyway?? – First students will watch an introductory/welcome video on the course and what mental health involves. Secondly, will be the Lumi video on the 5 Dimensions of Health that is an introduction to the requirements for the assignment – Wellness Inventory.
  • Lesson 2: Wellness Inventory completion
  • Lesson 3: Medicine wheel introduction – video introduction, visual of the medicine wheel, and description from We Matter.
  • Lesson 4: Create your own wellness/medicine wheel based on your wellness inventory
  • Lesson 5: Create your own wellness/medicine wheel based on your wellness inventory

QR Code & Link – Lumi video

Below is a QR code to access my Lumi video or click here for the link.

I hope you all enjoy the interactive video, and if you have any suggestions or insight for improvement I would like to hear from you! Thanks for reading.