Learning Summary EC&I 834

How this month has flown! As this is my 4 and final Edtech class in my masters, I wanted it to last longer as I always find it to be the most appealing to my interests, and the takeaways are always something that I look forward to implementing in my class/school. Over the last 25 days, we dove deeper into blended learning, the ADDIE template, and ways to foster equity when planning for a class with many diverse learners.

For my learning summary, I created a video that breaks down my takeaways, thoughts, and actions moving forward into six topics that I thought were important. I tried to make this video in under 15 minutes and found it difficult due to the information digested and my passion for these topics. Check it out below, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for checking out my learning summary. I hope this summary did the class content justice!