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GROWING A DEVELOPED ACADEMIC VIRTUAL WRITER Academic Writing is one of the most challenging skills for both students and teachers. How does Hosna -an English teacher- deal with it this semester? Whether integrating technology be effective and useful in this area or not? As Teemu Leinone, (2005) concluded ” Learning with computers is not about […]

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Hello ECI834! My classmate and a friend Hu Sile have decided to join forces and create our Online Course together! As a mathematics educator, I have taught students from secondary education to undergraduate studies and one thing that I have noticed in my students is the fear of mathematics. Right from the lower grades students … Continue reading COURSE PROFILE: FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICS BY VEDIC MATH

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AP Calculus Course Debrief

Well, here goes nothing!  Last year was my very first year teaching AP Calculus.  There were a lot of ups and downs, and I mean a lot!  Trying to learn the content myself, teaching myself how to teach the content, helping students understand things that I was still trying to master myself, prepping them for …

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