AP 2D Art: 2D Composition Fundamentals

This module is created to provide students with composition fundamentals in 2Dimensional art. Artists use different techniques in their composition to direct viewers eyes and makes the artwork interesting. In this module students will develop a working definition of 2-dimensional art, composition, and techniques of composition. Students will create 2-dimensional art using collage techniques. Students will develop their knowledge and skills and create a 2-dimensional artwork for their Advance Placement course.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the module, students will:

  1. Investigate materials, processes and ideas used in 2-dimensional art.
  2. Develop knowledge and skills. What is 2-dimensional art? How can artists use techniques to create 2-dimensional art interesting and can attract viewer’s attention?
  3. Create a 2-dimensional art using collage and document artist’s processes.
  4. Present an individual digital submission and be able to provide a critical response to other student’s artwork.

Learning Materials

  1. Lectures and videos via Zoom.
  2. Watch video on the fundamentals of 2Dimentional art. 2D Composition Fundamentals
  3. Assessment
  4. Student’s Screencast video on materials, processes, and final artwork.
  5. Summary of Learning
  6. Art Critique