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The context of reading development will be examined in this course for grade 4 students. This course is intended to promote independent reading habits and encourage self-reflection. Students will participate in book discussions and provide feedback. The objective is to create a reading culture and encourage a love of reading.

Student assessments and assignments will be completed using the digital learning management tool ClassDojo to ensure student, teachers and parents are connected on the growth level of every student. This will guide to monitor students’ engagement, interactions, and build classroom culture. Attendance and accountability for in-class students is mandatory.

Please spend some time reading the course profile to get a better understanding of the course. It contains information on how this blended learning course will be introduced to grade 4 students in modules and help them improve their reading abilities.

Course Design

The course shell is constructed and all the modules have been completed. The course is organized into a total of 15 lessons, each of which consists of an introduction, assessment strategies, and a range of interesting readings that cover the material in the class. It is flexible enough to allow teachers to deliver it either as an entire course or in modules considering it was developed in a blended learning context.
For watching and sharing videos on YouTube, students will need access to a device with a camera and a strong internet connection.

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The Learning Journey Begins

Welcome to my educational blog! I am excited to embark on this journey of learning and experiencing blended and online learning as an educator. My name is Margarita Efienemokwu, a graduate student of the faculty of Education, studying Adult Education and Human resource development. I am an academic coach at the global learning center at the University of Regina. I’ve had the opportunity to teach information technology courses to students and learned skills and perceptions related to blended learning and technology integration in the classroom.

While teaching and learning with my students, I have witnessed the significant growth and impact of blended and online learning in education. From interactive online courses to virtual classrooms, these approaches have developed new methods for learning and eliminating the traditional ways of learning “Chalk and blackboard”.

The advancement of technology in my home country is improving. Certain educational learning centers in the rural areas are accustomed to traditional ways of learning. It has been a challenge to deliver educational projects due to limited access to technology, varying levels of technological proficiency among students, and the need for ongoing professional development. Although I continue to encourage students and build my learning skills using technology tools to support blended learning experiences and assisting learners in diverse ways.

Blended and online learning offer tremendous possibilities for transforming teaching and learning experiences. Through my experiences, I have witnessed the positive effect of technology in enhancing education and fostering lifelong learning. Together, let’s embrace this journey, share our insights, ideas, innovations and work towards creating a future where education is accessible, engaging, and inclusive for all learners.

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