Online Tools We Are Using in Our Prototype #eci834

For our course prototype we plan to use WordPress Blog to organize class materials, KidBlog for students to be blogging during their reading journey, Postermywall/ Adobe Spark to present some assignments, and YoTeach as an online discussions forum. Below is an overview of the different formats we have chosen. Underneath the description I will describe … Continue reading Online Tools We Are Using in Our Prototype #eci834

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After last weeks discussion on, I decided to do some exploring. Right now, my librarian @AlisonNewman14has been working with students at our school focusing on coding. Just recently they worked on Makey Makey:  An Invention Kit for Everyone. Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip to start inventing the future! … Continue reading #eci834

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Google Classroom as an Online Learning Platform #eci834

Overview: Google Classroom is a free online tool that provides simplicity to create, distribute, and grade assignments. This option can provide a paperless classroom and streamline the learning process to share files between teachers and students. Production value: Simple and easy to use. You are able to provide immediately feedback in real time. Some students … Continue reading Google Classroom as an Online Learning Platform #eci834

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My experience with online learning

My experience with the use of blended learning/technology integration is through the use of Google Classroom. For example in Health right now we are focusing on mental health, understanding how to support others, while becoming more familiar with general mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, social phobia, and suicide). We used Kids Health to read articles … Continue reading My experience with online learning

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